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As one of the prominent agencies for high class bookings in the States, we commonly receive dinner date inquiries – We highly recommend this service to clientele who are looking to create a connection with their companion.


We are often asked where are the best destinations in the USA to set up a date or extended vacation away, which is why we have decided to write our top city recommendations to give you ideas on how to make the most of your time with one of the Discreet Elite.


Are you looking to set up a luxurious date with a model but can’t decide the best location or venue? This article is the perfect read to give you ideas, We’ve chosen each place based on previous feedback from clientele.


Please note, a lot of our restaurant suggestions are Michelin star, and the accommodation is luxuriously expensive. This reflects the customers that book with us, so be prepared to bring your wallet!



A photo of the Los Angeles skyline.


We absolutely couldn’t missing choosing somewhere in California for this guide. Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the entire United States to indulge and enjoy. It’s even better if accompanied by a beautiful companion.


Based by the coast, L.A. boasts a lot of beautiful beaches and remarkable opportunities, especially when it comes to Seafood.




Providence is for anyone who loves to try exciting fish dishes and anything delicious from the sea. Boasting an array of awards, you and your date will be blown away by the plating and taste. The venue itself is upper class, which is sure to impress.

Visit the Providence website.



The Angelini family has an array of remarkable restaurants that embody the finest parts of Italian cuisine. What you will find in their menu is an array of classic Italian favourites, all created to the highest standard with an exceptional twist. Our reasoning for picking Angelini Osteria is simple, a humble venue offering incredible food. It isn’t pretentious, it’s just a fantastic place to eat and perhaps break the ice with your companion.

Visit Angelini and see the menu.



For a truly romantic time with your companion, you should consider taking a walk on one of the beaches, our choice would be a stroll along the white sands of Hermosa. Aside from that, we would suggest you check out other local sightseeing spots such as the Venice Canals.


It might also be prudent to look up the local wine tasting courses, there are plenty of great choices for those who wish to indulge in fine wines.



L.A. presents a lot of options when it comes to activities. If you are serious about breaking the ice and having a good time with your escort before retiring to the hotel this city will spoil you for choice.



A photo of the New York Skyline


The city that never sleeps is not only a very authentic experience worth a visit for anyone, but offers a huge array of options for a romantic date. It’s possible to spend an entire weekend or longer here, you and your companion won’t be bored for a second.




Raoul’s presents a loud and bustling atmosphere on a busy night, a testament to how great the food is. This spot is a more casual affair than what we would typically recommend for a dinner date with one of our elite companions, but you will understand our choice. The menu is short, succint, and focuses on quality over quantity.

Visit Raoul’s and see the menu.



It’s a little risque to recommend a vegan venue to our clientele, but the 3 Michelin Stars do most of the talking for us. Even if you are a big meat eater you will still enjoy the courses here, although the 10 course menu is an experience that takes a couple of hours. During this time you and your chosen escort will have the opportunity to get to know each other and no shortage of conversation regarding the food.

Visit the website.



If you haven't visited Central Park before, you have a great opportunity for a relaxing walk to get to know your companion. It's a great way to cut out of the urban parts of the city and get a bit of fresh air. Alternatively, a previous client took one of our models to sightsee across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was an incredible aphrodisiac.



The amenities in New York may not be quite up to the level of excellence that the other cities on this list present. However, it is truly an atmospheric destination filled with a plethora of choice – especially when it comes to going out on a date. We recommend Manhattan to clientele seeking a unique and exciting experience – it’s guaranteed to be memorable.



A photo of the Las Vegas skyline.


Las Vegas doesn’t currently boast any Michelin stars, but we’ve still found astoundingly good food throughout the city. It is on the cutting edge of the culinary scene in the United States, you can find fantastic restaurants from every type of cuisine.

Due to the incredible variety of food options, Las Vegas is a fantastic choice for anyone who has a fine dining palette.




Whilst the food in Hugo’s is absoulutely gorgeous (We loved the duck), the best part about this cellar is the ambience – It makes for a fantastic mood. You’re sure to have a great time with your chosen companion. This restaurant is ideal to come for a nice steak, paired with an extravagant wine. Highly recommended by our team due to its’ suitability for a date.

Visit Hugo’s website.



Tapas is one of our favourite first date foods – it’s a great way to break the ice by trying a variety of different dishes. Edo brings some amazing tastes to your palette, we highly recommend the tasting menu if you really want to try everything out.

If you’re a foodie and really want to impress your date we think Edo is a great choice to get to know each other. They have amazing options for Vegan & Gluten free too, the menu is highly accessible.

Read the Menus and book a table online.



The very obvious must do activity is gambling in some shape or form, you can’t leave Vegas without placing a couple of bets!



We shouldn’t have to go into much detail as to why Las Vegas is an amazing opportunity for high rollers to participate in their hedonistic side. Bring a gorgeous companion, hit the casinos, and enjoy the party style nightlife.


A photo of the Dallas Skyline.


We wanted to pick at least one city in Texas to recommend, it’s a popular destination for bookings throughout the year. It had to be Dallas due to the huge variety of art, attractions, and eateries that are all good choices for you and your Discreet Elite model to indulge and enjoy.

While there aren’t any Michelin Stars in Dallas, we’ve found and feasted at some amazing restaurants during our stay.




If Texans are dominant at one particular type of food – their BBQ skills are the clear victor. If you are a fan of delicious beef cooked to perfection, Dakota’s Steakhouse is the ideal venue to book a table.

Whilst there are dozens of phenomenal choices for beef throughout Texas, we’ve picked Dakota’s because the atmosphere and menu delivers a relaxed dating environment that’s accommodating for you to meet one of the Discreet Elite.

Visit the Dakota website.



A little different from the other restaurants here on our list, Rise is a wine bar with some incredibly intriguing dishes (How about marshmallow soup?). As their trademark dish is Souffle, we strongly recommend you save room for dessert.

Their Dallas branch is usually very busy, hopefully you enjoy a thriving atmosphere. Despite the long waits it’s astounding and remarkable food. You can spend that wait getting to know each other.

Visit Rise Souffle.



Dallas presents a plethora of opportunity, it boils down to what you and your escort are in the mood for. From State parks and fairs to wine tasting and cultural museums, you are spoilt for choice. Struggling to decide? Ask our concierge to help you with date options in Dallas.



We recommend taking a visit to Texas during peak times, mainly March or October. Dallas and the other cities tend to thrive and come to life during this time – it’s a brilliant experience and should absolutely be on your bucket list.

It’s quite the aphrodisiac to indulge in the local sites and get to know one of our models more during this period. You can intimately break the ice whilst tourism is lively and all the venues are open and busy.



A photo of the Chicago Skyline.


Chicago is a captivating metropolis renowned for its diverse culinary landscape, making it an ideal destination for a luxurious dinner date. The city boasts a plethora of upscale restaurants, each offering a unique blend of gastronomic delights and opulent ambiance.


From the Michelin-starred establishments in the West Loop to the waterfront dining options along Lake Michigan, Chicago's dining scene caters to every palate. The city's architectural charm adds to the romantic ambiance, creating a perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.


Whether indulging in world-class steakhouses or savouring exquisite international cuisine, Chicago's culinary excellence transforms a dinner date into an unforgettable, sophisticated experience.




There are currently only a couple of venues that can boast three stars in Chicago, we choose Alinea due to its compatibility for your dinner date. The food is innovative, exciting, and sure to strike up conversation between you and your companion. They have several rooms with different aesthetic that really sets the tone for your date, and the tasting menu will be sure to keep surprising you.

Visit Alinea’s site.



Having been to the Rose Mary ourselves on a couple of occasions we can say we absolutely love the food. It’s very popular and can be hard to get a table at times (ask our concierge team to help you out here). The menu is based on Croation cuisine with an Italian twist – the end result is sublime. If you are looking for a more casual dinner date – we’re sure the Rose Mary will impress you and your companion.

Learn about the Rose Mary on their website.





Chicago is absolutely massive and everyone can find a place to feel at home in the city. If you are booking one of our high class escorts we think there's no shortage of extravagant options to fill your plate.



If you are looking seriously to set up a longer duration date (3+ hours) with one of the ladies that work with us – Our team is happy to help. We can provide suggestions on where to go and which escorts would be the right fit for you.

With a Discreet Elite membership our concierge service is also available to help you book tables at the top restaurants, set up transport and other useful arrangements.



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We are also open to using other methods of communication, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.

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