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What is a high class escort/companion?

An escort is an individual who can be booked to spend time as you companion, offering adult entertainment - usually charging at an hourly rate. High class escorts bring companionship performances to the next level with a standard of excellence capable of captivating anyone.

A high class model separates herself from the typical in every way, seamlessly adapting to your needs. Whether it's a beautiful model to hang on your arm for an event or a private date, truly high class escorts distinguish themselves in any circumstance.


How do I choose the best escort for me?

Don't know who to pick? Do you have a type or preference? When in doubt, contact our host and we'll help put together an encounter befitting your stature.

Here are some suggestions that may narrow down your search for the perfect escort:

  1. Browse our full gallery, check you are on the correct gallery for your local area or city. as we represent models worldwide.
  2. Check the members area. The most exclusive and unattainable models can only be found in our members area. We proudly represent fashion models, celebrities, actresses, TV presenters and more.
  3. Contact us via WhatsApp. To assist you faster, in the first message please let us know your booking inquiries: city/date/duration/location and 2-3 preferred models that pique your interest.



What makes Discreet Elite different from other escort agencies?

Our premium escort service had been designed to connect sophisticated gentlemen and businesses with elite and exclusive companions, across the globe. We create bespoke elite arrangements, flexible to suit your demand.

Unfortunately due to the VIP nature of Disceet Elite's agency culture, we aren't suitable for everyone! We charge a premium to deliver the most luxurious experience.

Discreet Elite maintains the highest level of services and escort representation - setting the precedent for luxurious adult entertainment. If you are searching for the cheapest rates, you may well find it easier to call an escort agency or lower sorts. Our rates are starting with £600 and up, according to models profile.


Does Discreet Elite provide classic incall and outcall per-hour bookings without the VIP experience?

Yes, most of the companions that we represent us will consider a typical incall or outcall request. Minimum booking length is usually 1 hour, unless stated otherwise on the profile.


How long should I book for?

For an un-rushed and satisfying encounter, 2 hours is our minimum recommendation - You will appreciate the extra time to fully connect with our models.


What makes us the highest class escort agency in the world?

Our expertise is in dealing with VIP clientele, ultra high wealth individuals or groups who all share one thing in common: success.

We provide a fully bespoke service that caters explicitly to your needs.

We help our clients arrange custom encounters befitting demands as simple as individual company to full blown parties, events & festivals.

Here's what we're best at:

  • International high class escort services for general incall & outcall bookings.
  • Celebrity dinner and travel bookings
  • Vacation planning with elite companions - business or personal
  • Concierge services including : boat charter, villa hire, private party, entertainment and much more
  • Private & corporate parties or events - let no expense be spared

Every client is unique, we tailor our service to your personal needs in the most cost-efficient way according to the highest standards.



What information do you need from me to set up a booking?

As a first time client we recommend you to arrange the booking in a hotel. We will request your full name, hotel and room number. We will call you to the room for a standards security check.

If you would like to choose an incall as your first booking, please be ready to transfer the full booking fee amount to our bank account. This is our way to insure models security and avoid time wasters, so that we can focus on the respectful clients. In any case, your information remains confidential with us.

For a travel booking the payment needs to be done upfront and in full. We also require customers full name, hotel and room number where are they planning to stay, a captains contact details of they stay on a boat.


Can I book anonymously?

All bookings with Discreet Elite remain strictly confidential. Any information or details we exchange is discarded after the screening to protect your anonymity.
Discretion is vital to us, and to prove that we can make it legally binding. High profile clientele with extremely serious privacy concerns can also arrange for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed.


Why do you need my personal details?

Our first and foremost priority is always the safety of the companions that we represent as well as the customer's. If we ask you for any personal information it is purely to keep the models safe. We do not keep any of your details after verification.


What precautions do you take to ensure my discretion?

We take your privacy as seriously as you require. We destroy/delete all the personal information after the security check is complete. If any extra precautions are needed we are delighted to provide a NDA for our customers.



Why am I being asked to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit from first time customers for two reasons:

  • Screening as a precautionary measure to protect our models.
  • An assurance that you are a serious customer and not a time waster.
  • To secure your future booking time slot.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience - we do not request deposits unless absolutely necessary.


Can I book escorts as entertainment for a party or event? What if i need to entertain my VIP guests?

Absolutely! We specialise in luxurious private events - our concierge service can even help you plan the world's finest party - suitable to invite the wealthiest socialite.


Are same day / short notice bookings possible?

Although we try our best to accommodate your inquiries, unfortunately we cannot always cater to the short notice requests, just because we should respect models availability . Please plan accordingly and give us as much notice as possible.


What locations are Discreet Elite escorts available at?

Escorts offer incalls at their own discretion, this will usually be stated on her profile. If in doubt, ask our team and we'll help find local incalls or check for all the models with incalls here.

All outcall bookings can be arranged, even with travel. We may need additional screening information for first time client bookings at their private residence, for security reasons.



Are the escort gallery images all real/genuine?

We have a strict no fake policy when it comes to escort profiles. For a high class service we are, it would be completely unacceptable to use bait and switch or other underhanded misdirections used by other agencies. ALL the images you can see on our profile are genuine! More over, EVERY profile includes selfies and videos in the models area so you can be sure that a girl on the picture will be the exact girl who you will meet.


Where can I see the closed profiles and celebrity escorts profiles?

Only members are able to see the full models gallery and celebrity escort gallery, this is to protect their identity from the general pu1blic. Please apply for a Discreet Elite Membership here.


I'm a little worried about booking a celebrity. Are they snobbish or judgemental?

Not at all! You should not worry. The celebrities we work with are lovely and warm, stunning yet intelligent. We strongly encourage you to enjoy a dinner date or a travel getaway in their exquisite company.


Are the companions on Discreet Elite exclusive to this agency?

We represent both non-exclusive escorts and exclusive/Celebrity models you would not find elsewhere. the latter are mostly available in our Members area.


What separates our models from other high class escorts?

Without sparing words on the competitors, we are proud to guarantee that our escort models are significantly more than just a pretty face, instead, they exemplify the true meaning of an elite companion. Not only they are (obviously) beautiful, but they are also astoundingly accomplished, sensual & sophisticated in their unique way.

We take lots of care in casting, selecting and representing worlds top entertainers: fashion and lingerie models, actesses, TV presenters, students and young entrepreneurs. We are certain that our models love meeting new people, enjoy their elegance and femininity and are proud to stand to Discreet Elite highest standards.



I am on vacation or in a foreign country - can I book an escort?

Yes. We represent models worldwide, in the key global destinations. You can also use our galleries to see companions currently available in your nearest major city.


Can I arrange a vacation with a companion to accompany me?

Absolutely, we can help you choose the perfect companion to join you on holiday. Many of our escorts are thrilled to be your special guest abroad.



What is the VIP concierge service?

Our concierge team is focused on arranging a high end leisure and party, personal or corporate. We help you to rent a villa, charter a jet, helicopter or a boat, arrange a private party (think DJ, catering, security and show) and our stunning party models of course!


How much does our time as a concierge cost?

Concierge is our complimentary service for group escort bookings, for larger parties and functions we offer our services as a concierge as part of the bespoke package.



What payment options are there for our services?

We accept bank transfer, payment apps and credit cards (subject to 5% service charge and 7 days process fee)

When do I have to pay a deposit?

  1. If you book an incall for your first booking, 1st hour must be paid in full.
  2. For all travel travel bookings, payment must be made upfront and in full.
  3. To secure the exact time slot for future bookings, 50% deposit is required.

What currencies do we accept?

We accept any local currency as well as major currencies (GBP, Euro, USD, AED, CHF, SGD) with additional 10% exchange fee.


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do. Please find refund policy in Terms and conditions.


Can I pay with a credit card or bank transfer?

Yes you can with both, a bank transfer and a credit card payment. Allow enough time for either transfer. Credit card clearance usually takes 7 days and requires 5% service fee on top. Bank transfer processing time depends on your bank.

Terms & Conditions

Access is made available only to those who accept the terms and conditions of the following agreement: By entering the website, you also agree and accept the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) user consent policy terms and conditions [See policy below].

  • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ is a registered and operated talent and marketing company that represents talent from diverse area of expertise that includes but is not limited to: fashion, movies, professional sports and arts.
  • 1.2 Legal age and health restriction:
    All persons appearing on this website were 21 years old or older when the images were provided by the person featured. None of the represented talent does experience any known/reported physical or mental disability during the collaboration with DISCREET ELITE™.
  • 1.3 None of the models of DISCREET ELITE™ had been persuaded or lured to join the agency. Each and every model had previous escort experience, had approached and joined DISCREET ELITE™ at her own will.
  • 1.4 Proposed services:
    The talent booking fee is charged for corporate and personal social entertainment, that excludes any illegal activities. The fee is charged for the talent’s time only. DISCREET ELITE™ does not take any responsibility for any further consensual activities between the two adults, the talent and the customer.
  • 1.5 DISCREET ELITE™ does not employ the talent. It merely provides marketing representation and ensures the safety of the social encounter. The models set their own fees and boundaries that are non-negotiable.
  • 1.6 DISCREET ELITE™ does not provide any premised or/and establishment for the models accommodation and/or services, it does not assist with models housing in any shape or form either.

    New customer screening

    • 1.1 For the reasons of safety ,DISCREET ELITE™ requires new customers to undergo a respectful gentle screening.
    • 1.2 Incall bookings require safety screening (a selfie with photo ID in hand OR £1 transfer to our corporate account. We need to see your legal name for models safety). Incall booking also requires a deposit of 25% of the booking amount ( as a guarantee against no show)
    • 1.3 Outcall bookings to a private residence require 25% deposit payment (as a guarantee)
    • 1.4 Bookings to 5 stars hotels require information on customers room number and his full legal name (one of our bookers will discreetly call you to the room).
    • 1. 5 All bookings in USA,Asia and Middle east require to fill a membership form that includes customers full name, Linked in and an email from professional mailbox. Retired customers require to demonstrate a valid utility bill.

      Payment, Cancellation & Refund

      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed services locally only after 25% (in some cases 50%) upfront deposit is made. This is a deposit payment to secure model’s time.
      • 1.2 Payment can be made via a bank transfer or via Revolut. No cheques please.
      • 1.3 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed travel services with 100% upfront payment. The payment must be made upfront and in full.
      • 1.4 In case a local booking is cancelled 35% of the full booking amount will be kept as a compensation for booker’s work and models time reserved for the arrangement.
      • 1.5 In case a travel booking is cancelled, a 50% cancellation fee is retained from the total booking amount.

      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ operates on the terms of ultimate discretion towards both customers and talent.
      • 1.2 Secure and gentle screening is performed on new customer and talent  by our sister concierge company. Your data will never be associated with any matchmaking service.
      • 1.3 Any kind of information used for identity verification, personal data and booking data will be destroyed immediately after the booking ends.
      • 1.4 No customer data is kept on file.
      • 1.5 Any kind of interactions via phone, email or bank transfer would be only executed with customers’ permission and will remain ultimately discreet.
      • 1.6 DISCREET ELITE™ provides discreet invoices , secure encrypted debit and credit card payments and discreet receipts on the bank statements.