This Gentleman’s booking guide outlines everything you need to know about booking an escort with Discreet Elite. It details what our agency has to offer as a VIP service – as well as semantical details such as payment. We also have a basic guide for regarding escort booking etiquette for first time bookers.

Dear Gentlemen,

Welcome to Discreet Elite, a high class international escort and companionship agency. We provide our customers with a world renowned top-notch service, personalized attention and bespoke matchmaking – to connect you with the finest escorts across the globe. ~ Clara


  1. Date – Let us know what day you require one of our companions
  2. Time – It helps if you have a preferable time for your arrangement
  3. Duration – Minimum bookings are one hour upwards. Rates can be found on individual profiles.
  4. Location – Where would you like to meet one of our models? Give us your outcall address or plan an incall by contacting us.
  5. A model you have chosen or your preference (we can help you with this) – Please browse our local galleries and choose out which escorts suit your type or preference.
  6. Budget – We set clear rates to help guide your decision. If you have extenuating circumstances or require a bespoke booking it helps to have your budget on hand.


Each of our elite escort companions commands her own rates, starting with £600/h and all the way to Celebrity dating packages. Please make sure you are aware of the amount. Rates could be found on model’s personal profile.


We understand how deceiving may fake images make one feel, and this is why you will find zero fakes on our website. To authenticate models we have included selfies and videos to every profile so you can appreciate the exact appearance of each lady. Bear in mind, some of the escorts we work with have requested we keep their videos and selfies in our members area.


Matching top escort entertainers and celebrity companions with sophisticated customers we must be efficient and respectful to everyone’s time. In a couple of words: we don’t appreciate or tolerate flakiness and time-wasting from either party.


First and most important is to deal with a {reputable|reliable} and professional escort agency. Last thing one wants is disappointment and waste of his valuable time due to a no-show or a delay. In case of an emergency from the model’s side an agency would always offer a replacement.

Go through the agency’s notes on the models {character|type}. It may help you to choose the right escort companion for an occasion would it be a dinner date, a party or a vacation. Always be {upfront|clear} with your preferences and expectations, i.e. communicate activities you had planned, request an appropriate dress code etc

Small gifts are not expected but highly appreciated and help to break ice. It might be something inexpensive as {flowers|chocolate} or a perfume.


We have open profiles, profiles with cropped faces and fully covered profiles.

Open type is pretty much straight forward.
As for the cropped and closed profiles: we work with fashion models, actresses, tv presenters. Discretion is essential for them and that’s why we make sure that only verified and serious customers have access to these profiles through membership.

*Open profiles bookings can be offered without membership but still require verification and/or a small deposit (read further in Non-Members section)


-access to over 150 models profiles
-access to Celebrity models category
(fashion catwalk models, actresses, TV presenters, centrefolds)
-each profile in members area includes pictures with open face, selfies and videos
booking priority
-Incall bookings without additional screening
-discount on longer bookings

If you’d like to apply for membership (one-off £500 fee grants you lifetime membership) please follow this link


If you would like to expense our world-class service before becoming a member , it is certainly possible on the following terms:
1. You will be restricted to open profiles only.
2. As a welcoming gesture, after a gentle screening, feel free to choose 2-3 profiles and we will send you selfies and videos authenticating the profiles.
3. You will be required to make a small deposit for self authentication (especially if an incall is required)

Non Members please make your inquiries on our booking page :


We accept various forms of payment. please make sure you have at least one immediate form of payment as international transfer may take over a week. Credit card payments clear in 7 working days and impose a 5% surcharge

  • Direct deposit to our UK and USA bank accounts
  • Revolut (USA and european most efficient payment app)
  • Venmo (USA popular payment app, good for amount below $3k)
  • Transferwise (global fast and easy way of payment, signing in is required)
  • Paysend (competitor of Transferwise, both may take some time, depend on a country or sender/receiver)
  • Credit card payment (5% surcharge and verification)

Kindly note:

We dont accept checks

Deposit can NOT be done in cash.
We do not work with Paypal (proven to be unreliable)
Remaining after deposit amount can be paid in cash


We offer discreet invoices. Contact us for this if needed.


Many returning (especially overseas) customers enjoy an open account with us. They deposit a larger amount and then gradually spend it. It allows them to enjoy last minute bookings and to avoid the stress of same-day arrangements.

It is also proven to be useful for group, corporate and travel bookings.

Current statements are sent on request anytime.


As mentioned above we are all about efficiency and don’t appreciate rescheduling or cancellations. However we understand that an emergency may happen. In this case please comply with our Rescheduling and Cancellation policy.

More on Rescheduling and Cancellation policy please read below right in Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your time and patience!
We are delighted to assist you and can’t wait to provide you with the best escort companionship service of your life.

Terms & Conditions

Access is made available only to those who accept the terms and conditions of the following agreement: By entering the website, you also agree and accept the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) user consent policy terms and conditions [See policy below].

  • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ is a registered and operated talent and marketing company that represents talent from diverse area of expertise that includes but is not limited to: fashion, movies, professional sports and arts.
  • 1.2 Legal age and health restriction:
    All persons appearing on this website were 21 or older when the images were created. None of the represented talent does experience any physical or mental disability during the collaboration with DISCREET ELITE™.
  • 1.3 Proposed services:
    The talent booking fee is charged for corporate and personal social entertainment, that excludes any illegal activities. The fee is charged for the talent’s time only. DISCREET ELITE™ does not take any responsibility for any further consensual activities between the two adults, the talent and the customer.
  • 1.4 DISCREET ELITE™ does not employ the talent. It merely provides marketing representation and ensures the safety of the social encounter.

    New customer screening

    • 1.1 For the reasons of safety ,DISCREET ELITE™ requires new customers to undergo a respectful gentle screening.
    • 1.2 Local hotel or incall bookings require a bank account transfer of 10% of the booking amount. See our policy for Cancellation and Refund
    • 1.3 In some cases outcall bookings to UK private residence require demonstration of the utility bill.
    • 1.4 All bookings in USA,Asia and Middle east require customers full name, Linked in and an email from professional mailbox. Retired customers require to demonstrate a valid utility bill.

      Payment, Cancellation & Refund

      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed services locally to new customers only after 10% upfront deposit is made. This is one-off payment for verification purposes and should not be repeated for the further bookings.
      • 1.2 Payment can be made via a credit card (5% fee applies), a bank transfer or via Revolut. No cheques please.
      • 1.3 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed travel services with at least 50% upfront payment. In most cases the payment must be made upfront and in full.
      • 1.4 In case a local booking is cancelled up to 6 hours prior, a full 10% deposit will be refund to the customer (except card payments).
      • 1.5 In case a travel booking is cancelled up to 24 hours prior a 25% cancellation fee is retained from the total booking amount.
      • In case a booking is cancelled less then 6 hours prior for local and 24 hours prior for travel, the full deposit amount is retained by DISCREET ELITE™.


      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ operates on the terms of ultimate discretion towards both customers and talent.
      • 1.2 Secure and gentle screening is performed on new customer and talent  by our sister concierge company. Your data will never be associated with any matchmaking service.
      • 1.3 Any kind of information used for identity verification, personal data and booking data will be destroyed immediately after the booking ends.
      • 1.4 No customer data is kept on file.
      • 1.5 Any kind of interactions via phone, email or bank transfer would be only executed with customers’ permission and will remain ultimately discreet.
      • 1.6 DISCREET ELITE™ provides discreet invoices , secure encrypted debit and credit card payments and discreet receipts on the bank statements.