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Experience the best of everything in any city in the world for day, 24 hours unplugged with Discreet Elite. We take the steering wheel and set you up with 24 hours of unadulterated activities.


We take you on a journey through any city in the world for 24 hours. The finest local hotspots and attractions one after another. We use our contacts to bring you VIP first class treatment every step of the way.

24 hours in a city could feel like a (spectacular) lifetime if to live it up like an infamous British character James Bond. You may choose to invite your VIP escort companion to share an indulging private breakfast or meet her afterwards (some of us enjoy uninterrupted coffee and Financial times).

Start your day with a newest art exhibition or go to a lavish sports event like Royal Ascot, that is close to London. Walk down the narrow streets or Rome to find one of the hidden romantic Italian restaurants for lunch. Seek a treasure in antique shops of Paris or maybe surprise your lovely companion with a helicopter tour over Manhattan.


Private flights and transport directly from the airport to a luxury hotel. Security can be arranged for every step of the way, and you will be met by your chosen companion at a time that suits you. Once ready to get out and experience London, we can fill up your schedule with anything you want.

  • Seats booked at any top restaurant of your choice, or by our recommendation
  • VIP access to clubs, private venues, and members areas
  • Luxury personal shopping spree, commercial or otherwise
  • Fine wine tastings at private niche boutiques



We've set up plenty of clients with our 24 hours package, it's highly popular in particular cities. Here's a few of our top recommendations to unwind and indulge in your hedonistic side. Our criteria for choosing them is based off how good each city is, and how well we are connected there.


There's something in London for anyone, of any culture or inclination. We've got reach here. The best tables, private venues, celebrity haunts, you name it.


Don't be a stranger to Dubai, it's the jewel of the United Arab Emirates and undisputedly one of the best places in the world to unwind and unplug.


Mexico's holiday hotspot, highly recommended if you like a bit of history and Mayan culture.


Zurich is one of our personal recommendations, it's one of our favourite destinations in Europe. Switzerland is a fantastic place to take advantage of our concierge connections.


Let us help you navigate New York's social scene - We've got the perfect day trip lined up, flexible to suit any taste. All that's left is for you to choose a model.


A hotspot for the rich and wealthy in USA, Miami is a city that can't be fully absorbed in 24 hours. However we will certainly try to encapsulate as much of the 305 we can during this time.



The major selling point of Discreet Elites' concierge service is the companionship. We combine luxury treatment, accommodation, and around the clock pampering with one of the most beautiful and talented ladies you have ever seen.

For this booking experience to truly blow you away it's important to choose the right model. It's a good thing our galleries are large enough that you have a huge selection of escorts, each and every one VIP.

A plethora of our companions have graduated with major in arts, music and fashion. They will be your best choice for relaxing morning, exciting afternoon that is followed by an elegant evening.

Terms & Conditions

Access is made available only to those who accept the terms and conditions of the following agreement: By entering the website, you also agree and accept the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) user consent policy terms and conditions [See policy below].

  • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ is a registered and operated talent and marketing company that represents talent from diverse area of expertise that includes but is not limited to: fashion, movies, professional sports and arts.
  • 1.2 Legal age and health restriction:
    All persons appearing on this website were 21 years old or older when the images were provided by the person featured. None of the represented talent does experience any known/reported physical or mental disability during the collaboration with DISCREET ELITE™.
  • 1.3 None of the models of DISCREET ELITE™ had been persuaded or lured to join the agency. Each and every model had previous escort experience, had approached and joined DISCREET ELITE™ at her own will.
  • 1.4 Proposed services:
    The talent booking fee is charged for corporate and personal social entertainment, that excludes any illegal activities. The fee is charged for the talent’s time only. DISCREET ELITE™ does not take any responsibility for any further consensual activities between the two adults, the talent and the customer.
  • 1.5 DISCREET ELITE™ does not employ the talent. It merely provides marketing representation and ensures the safety of the social encounter. The models set their own fees and boundaries that are non-negotiable.
  • 1.6 DISCREET ELITE™ does not provide any premised or/and establishment for the models accommodation and/or services, it does not assist with models housing in any shape or form either.

    New customer screening

    • 1.1 For the reasons of safety ,DISCREET ELITE™ requires new customers to undergo a respectful gentle screening.
    • 1.2 Incall bookings require safety screening (a selfie with photo ID in hand OR £1 transfer to our corporate account. We need to see your legal name for models safety). Incall booking also requires a deposit of 25% of the booking amount ( as a guarantee against no show)
    • 1.3 Outcall bookings to a private residence require 25% deposit payment (as a guarantee)
    • 1.4 Bookings to 5 stars hotels require information on customers room number and his full legal name (one of our bookers will discreetly call you to the room).
    • 1. 5 All bookings in USA,Asia and Middle east require to fill a membership form that includes customers full name, Linked in and an email from professional mailbox. Retired customers require to demonstrate a valid utility bill.

      Payment, Cancellation & Refund

      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed services locally only after 25% (in some cases 50%) upfront deposit is made. This is a deposit payment to secure model’s time.
      • 1.2 Payment can be made via a bank transfer or via Revolut. No cheques please.
      • 1.3 DISCREET ELITE™ arranges proposed travel services with 100% upfront payment. The payment must be made upfront and in full.
      • 1.4 In case a local booking is cancelled 35% of the full booking amount will be kept as a compensation for booker’s work and models time reserved for the arrangement.
      • 1.5 In case a travel booking is cancelled, a 50% cancellation fee is retained from the total booking amount.

      • 1.1 DISCREET ELITE™ operates on the terms of ultimate discretion towards both customers and talent.
      • 1.2 Secure and gentle screening is performed on new customer and talent  by our sister concierge company. Your data will never be associated with any matchmaking service.
      • 1.3 Any kind of information used for identity verification, personal data and booking data will be destroyed immediately after the booking ends.
      • 1.4 No customer data is kept on file.
      • 1.5 Any kind of interactions via phone, email or bank transfer would be only executed with customers’ permission and will remain ultimately discreet.
      • 1.6 DISCREET ELITE™ provides discreet invoices , secure encrypted debit and credit card payments and discreet receipts on the bank statements.